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“Lauren has been the perfect emcee for my fundraising event. She has helped elevate my fundraiser to a new level. Lauren is the real deal…true to herself, passionate, motivated and adaptable in any situation. She is a total professional!” ~ Douglas Lowe, Creator and Organizer of The Kitty Cabaret Fundraiser

“Lauren is a crowd favorite who is easy to work with and always delivers. I’ve booked her for several shows in the Charlotte area including the 2nd annual Queen City Comedy Experience, where she performed and hosted. She is a unique comedic voice, a consummate professional, and she makes every event she’s a part of better. Also, she tall.”
~ Cale Evans, Comedian, Emcee, and Improviser, Queen City Comedy

“Lauren performed to a sold out audience at Creekside Comedy Night in Charleston, SC.  The crowd loved her.  She grabbed their laughter and attention from the beginning and never let go.  Earlier in the day, we did a charity show, and she was the crowd favorite.  She’s very funny and very kind.  As a booker, I find her ultra-professional, and easy to work with.”
~Keith Dee, Comedian and Show Producer, Creekside Comedy Night

“When I have Lauren on a show, I know she’ll be there on time and ready to make the crowd laugh! She gives the crowd a peek into her unique and funny view of the world.”
~ Chris Corrado, Self-Actualized Comedian, Booker, Boxer & Insurance Salesman
(He said I could pick his title.)

“I asked Lauren to do a comedy set for a Zombie Noir audio theatre podcast first season release party. If it sounds weird, that’s because it is. Lauren asked me questions about my plans for the event, then she listened to our podcast and created custom jokes tailored specifically for the event and even surprised the crowd with a fun podcast-themed trivia contest. I would highly recommend Lauren – not for just a set but for any emceeing or other custom event needs you may have.”
~ Kevin Patterson, Detective Samwell Sift’s Loved One Discovery or Recovery Services – A Zombie Noir Apocalypse Tale

“I want to give a BIG shout out to Lauren Ansley. She emceed the Third Annual Dancing With the Stars Rock Hill, a fundraising event. Her comedic style kept the energy flowing throughout the evening. From jokes to poetry, the audience responded with laughter and applause. Her routine is clever and current.”
~ Trina Ricks, Board Member, Dancing With the Stars Rock Hill

“I produce a show called ‘Funny on the Fly’ where we hand the comics a list of topics shortly before they go on stage, and they write a whole new set based on that list. Lauren is a rockstar, a gifted joke-writer, and someone I know I can count on to show up on time and deliver the funny every show.”
~ Brian Baltosiewich, Really Tall Comedian, Postcaster & Show Producer

I’m so glad I gave perfection a second chance and had Lauren. She may be my second born, but my favorite by far. You should definitely book her for your next event.
~ My Mom and #1 Fan (OK… this one is fake, but all the other testimonials above are 100% genuine!)

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