Diversity – On and Off the Stage

So very proud to be a part of the Charlotte performing arts community, taking important steps for diversity on and off stage.

“From Broadway to Hollywood to arts organizations across the country, artists are speaking out about longtime injustices, lack of representation and equity in their fields. In Charlotte, artists are coming together to share their experiences and take action through the Diversity On & Off Stage initiative.”

Last night during our third discussion, we all stood in front of our computer screens and pledged out loud together to acknowledge the deficiencies that exist and to work towards prioritizing diversity ourselves and within our organizations.

It’s important, and it’s one of the reasons I started my own comedy show production company.

As Maya Angelou brilliantly stated, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” And we all know better.

Read the full article here.

Live Stand-Up Comedy Shows are BACK!

Photo by Allen Wallace

I was thrilled to be the feature performer for Jenn Snyder’s Parking Lot Comedy show at Curious Coffee Bar in Columbia, SC. This is DEFINITELY makes it into my Top 5 favorite nights performing stand-up (so far)!

Since I host most of the shows I perform in (and I love hosting!), it’s a real thrilled whenever I’m able to do a longer set. And when it’s in front of a sold-out crowd there to see Jenn Snyder absolutely CRUSH, it’s even BETTER. She is an absolute marvel in the craft, so I was honored to share the stage with her and our host for the evening, Ryan Easterbrooks. This was Curious Coffee Bar’s first time doing parking lot entertainment, and they set it up PERFECTLY. Limited seating, pre-sales only, tent set up, outside. It had rained most of the day, but thankfully the skies cleared up for the show.

Read the article in Cola Daily Here: Sold-out crowd packs Columbia parking lot for night of comedy

Employee Engagement Tips

Employee Engagement! It’s so important, and now that so many of us are working remotely, keeping an engaged workforce is more important AND more challenging then ever. In this video I share three practical tips to boost employee engagement:

Here is a quick summary at the tips mentioned in the video above…

TIP ONE: Dare to be CREATIVE with Your Virtual Meetings.

You can incorporate creativity with your meetings in easy ways. Incorporate virtual backgrounds like this company, scavenger hunts, game nights, trivia and more.

End on a positive note – literally. Ask your employees to share one thing they’re grateful for to help shift everyone into a positive mindset .

TIP TWO: Take Advantage of the “Humor Effect.”

It’s a psychological phenomenon where people remember retain information more when it’s FUNNY. Fascinating! Learn more.

TIP THREE: Hire a Professional that Specializes in Virtual Entertainment!

*ahem shameless plug*

I have more creative ways to enhance employee engagement, boost morale, and lower your employees’ stress level. My corporate event offerings are listed here. Let’s talk!