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July 1, 2019: I’m the July CrowdPlay Events Resident, baby! That means I’m hosting all the CrowdPlay shows at the Charlotte Comedy Zone this month! Six in total! Come out and enjoy live comedy! See the full schedule of events at

June 9, 2019: Delighted to be back on WBT Radio with Chris Ferrell of The Chris Ferrell show talking about Beerly Funny! Our talk stars around the 18:00 min mark:

May 2, 2019: Guess who made it in Winthrop Alumni’s Alumni Profile for April 2019? Not me, because I’m profiled in May! Whaaaat:

March 17, 2019: WBT Radio Saturday Morning News Chris Ferrell of The Chris Ferrell show welcomed me into the studio to talk about comedy! I make my morning radio debut around the 18:00 minute mark:

January 23, 2019: Charlotte Five put out a list of 11 of the funniest comedians in Charlotte, NC, and I made the list! No kidding! Check it out here:

Here are some funny(?) things I’ve said with pictures in the background:




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