Six Ways to Make Virtual Corporate Training More Effective

In a virtual setting you can cover more content in a condensed time, but you still need to make sure it’s delivered in such a way that it will be effective and retained as much as possible.  1. Cameras On, Mics On!   Ensure your participants are present and engaged. It also helps your facilitator know thatContinue reading “Six Ways to Make Virtual Corporate Training More Effective”

The Time I Hosted 25+ Virtual Holiday Parties

Yeah. I’m tired. December 2020: The month of virtual entertainment. And I did it all while not wearing shoes. I hosted, emceed, coordinated and produced over 25 custom holiday parties – all 100% VIRTUAL. What’s my secret? I’m not telling! *smiles* But I will tell you a BIG reason for my success is that IContinue reading “The Time I Hosted 25+ Virtual Holiday Parties”

Have you heard the one about a Charlotte comedian who bombed, then came out ahead?

I was featured in The Charlotte Observer, you guys! And they told everyone my age! HA! Note: You’ll need to sign up for a FREE account with The Charlotte Observer to read the article, but I think it’s worth it, and I hope you do, too!

Top 6 Tips for Successful Virtual Holiday Parties

Have you been wondering how you could POSSIBLY pull off a holiday party this year? You are NOT alone. Good News: No one has EVER hosted a virtual holiday party in a global pandemic. EVER. Some More Good News: This means there’s no rule book! There’s no such thing as the “right way” or theContinue reading “Top 6 Tips for Successful Virtual Holiday Parties”

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