I grew up in Spartanburg, SC, but officially crossed the border in 2010 into the Charlotte area. I remember the first time I thought “Hmm I could be a comedian” was when I was on a first date. He showed me his clip of his stand-up comedy class graduation set, and I thought I could do better! I took the class and closed out the graduation night performances. I like to say was the class valedictorian, but I came up with that on my own, and no one else has ever acknowledged that fact. There were 300-ish people all laughing and clapping at graduation at The Comedy Zone. It was magical. I took the class to do something fun, but it turned into my true passion. For nostalgia purposes let’s time travel back to that moment…

OMG It’s My Comedy Class Graduation – First Time on Stage!


Growing up I was always trying to make people laugh. I was really shy and awkward as a kid (and as an adult – let’s be honest). Growing up, we’d vacation up to Montreat, NC with 14 family members – 7 kids and 7 adults. The seven kids would call ourselves “the cousins.” We put on a “Cousins Show” every year with dance numbers, sketches, commercials, etc. That’s where my comic relief really came out. And all of those “Cousins Shows” are on tape. *shudders*


I don’t have any kids, and I’ve never been married. I finally found a PASSION for
life with comedy in my mid-30s. I really believe in what I do and in the power of
joy and laughter. We already have so much to bear in life – I feel like it’s my mission to make others forget about the stress and bad things in their life – even if just for moments at a time. And in those precious moments, it’s all about joy and laughter.


Not only am I a stand-up comedian, but I also produce shows, emcee / host events, and represent other incredible talent such as Chris Dugdale, an award-winning entertainer and magician.

I launched my own comedy show production company with three goals:

  1. Create moments of joy and laughter
  2. Support local Charlotte businesses
  3. Elevate comedy as an art form.

“I am Charlotte’s only full-time independent comedy show producer. It is truly is my passion to bring joy and laughter to people when we need it most.”

I have been a featured performer in several comedy festivals throughout the Carolinas, named one of the comedians to know by Charlotte Five and was profiled in Winthrop Alumni’s “My Winthrop Experience.”

I have opened up for nationally touring headliners such as Dale Jones, Preacher Lawson, Sean Patton, Grandma Lee, Sean Finnerty and Michael Palascak. My passion to make others laugh and slight southern accent are only overshadowed by my infectious smile and abnormal height of 5’13”.

On Stage at The Queen City Comedy Experience – Charlotte’s Comedy Festival!

If you like to laugh you’re my type of audience. I specialize in virtual, corporate and
in-person events including my Beerly Funny shows, where I partner bring stand-up comedy shows to local breweries, taprooms, and other venues.

Beyond being a kind and hilarious person to work with, I love working with Lauren Ansley because she has so much integrity and holds herself to such a high standard as a businessperson.

Lybbi Roth, Taproom Manager

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