Live Stand-Up Comedy Shows are BACK!

Photo by Allen Wallace

I was thrilled to be the feature performer for Jenn Snyder’s Parking Lot Comedy show at Curious Coffee Bar in Columbia, SC. This is DEFINITELY makes it into my Top 5 favorite nights performing stand-up (so far)!

Since I host most of the shows I perform in (and I love hosting!), it’s a real thrilled whenever I’m able to do a longer set. And when it’s in front of a sold-out crowd there to see Jenn Snyder absolutely CRUSH, it’s even BETTER. She is an absolute marvel in the craft, so I was honored to share the stage with her and our host for the evening, Ryan Easterbrooks. This was Curious Coffee Bar’s first time doing parking lot entertainment, and they set it up PERFECTLY. Limited seating, pre-sales only, tent set up, outside. It had rained most of the day, but thankfully the skies cleared up for the show.

Read the article in Cola Daily Here: Sold-out crowd packs Columbia parking lot for night of comedy

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